Phone Doctors Warranty

At Phone Doctors we stand behind all of our parts and repairs. As an industry leader we believe in being transparent about our warranties.

Screen Repairs

All screen repairs carry a LIFETIME warranty against manufacturing defects. If your screen is malfunctioning after we replace it, please bring it back by one of our stores as soon as possible so we can take care of it for you. This warranty does not cover physical or liquid damage to the screen.

Other Repairs

All other repairs are covered under a 90-day parts and labor warranty. Repair warranty does NOT cover any physical or liquid damage.

Device Sales

Devices can be returned within 7 days of purchase, for any reason, in the same condition in which they were sold. A $25 restocking fee will be incurred. Outside of 7 days, we will not accept any device returns. Devices are warrantied for 90-days against any manufacturing defects. Our warranty policy requires repair of the device before replacement is available.

Accessory Sales

All accessory sales are final and cannot be returned. Accessories are also warrantied for 90-days against manufacturing defects.

Abandoned Devices

Devices must be picked up from Phone Doctors within 30-days of completion of repair. Outside of this time, devices will be considered abandoned and recycled appropriately.

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