Back Glass: To Repair or Not To Repair?

Mon Aug 29 2022
Tucker Gray

Most iPhone owners have been there. In fact, an estimated 65% of iPhone users have broken their back glass at some point. But what does this mean for your phone’s performance, and should you get it fixed? Let’s explore your options.

First, performance. This all depends on how the back glass was broken. If you dropped your phone on the ground while it was in a case and still broke the back glass, most likely you won’t notice any performance issues. However, if you dropped something heavy on it, or even ran it over with a car, more likely than not there will be more damage than just the back glass.

Signs that there is more underlying damage:

  • Your phone is getting much hotter than before.
  • The metal frame or housing is bent or broken.
  • Your phone isn’t fully charging, not charging at all, or won’t hold a charge.
  • Your phone is running slower, glitching, or randomly shutting off altogether.
  • And of course, your phone just isn’t coming back on.

These issues can indicate damage to the battery, charge port, and motherboard (yikes!). Most of them, however, are still repairable!

So what are your options?

  • If the crack is very small and you aren’t experiencing any problems listed above, you most likely don’t need to get it repaired right away. Just make sure you put your phone in a solid case to keep the crack from getting worse or getting liquid on it.
  • If the cracks are large, your missing chunks of glass, or you are experiencing any additional issues, it’s best to get your phone checked out as soon as possible. The longer you go with your iPhone in that state, the more likely it will get worse.

When fixing the back glass, there are 2 methods most shops use: replace the glass only, or replace the whole metal housing which includes new glass. Costs will vary from shop to shop depending on which repair they perform and which tools they use. At Phone Doctors, we always recommend the full housing swap. When back glass is removed, it can compromise the structural integrity of the frame as well as the water resistance. When getting a new housing, you avoid these issues, and your phone looks brand new again!

As always, if you have questions about your phone or need help, give us a call, or reach out to us online. If you are in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Fayetteville, or Fort Smith, stop on by!


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